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    Shipping and Fufillment Facility Manager

    Intercourse, PA


    Shipping Team Member

    Intercourse, PA


    Dough Production Team Member

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    Baking & Retail Team Member

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    Shift Lead

    Manheim Pike, PA


    At Taylor Chip we TAKE PRIDE in our ingredients because we wouldn’t want others to eat anything that we personally wouldn’t. We eat our cookies every day which is why we make sure to use only the best ingredients. It's with this same spirit that we work hard to develop a workplace everyone enjoys being a part of. We want to LOVE WHAT WE DO and who we do it with. We believe satisfaction is found in WORKING HARD and joy comes from SERVING OTHERS.






    Core Values We Look For in Leaders

    Obsession with serving one another so we can better serve our customers

    A welcoming, warm culture built around service is our top priority. Prioritizing our team and stewarding a culture of gratitude is the foundation from where we build on because we believe happy team members cultivate great customer relationships.

    Push for profitable growth

    We believe we have a responsibility to our company, our employees, and our customers to operate our business in a responsible, sustainable manner. Succeeding in this goal will allow ourselves the privilege to be future focused. Intern, Taylor Chip will have the continued opportunity to develop and solidify itself as an anchor in our industry and beyond.

    Ingredient and quality centric

    We believe you should know and understand what is in your food and it was with that belief that the founders, Sara and Doug Taylor, set out to create the perfect cookie with only the simplest of ingredients. This core tenet has led our company throughout its history and is why the products we produce will always be held to highest of standards.

    Desire to “figure it out.”

    We look for leaders who take the initiative and responsibility to rise to whatever task is facing them and approach every situation with a can-do attitude. The desire, drive, and determination require to problem solve when entering the unknown is a core tenant of who we are and our culture at Taylor Chip.

    Expect the most out of yourself

    We rely on individuals who take responsibility for their duties and actions while relentlessly seeking innovation and operational excellence. Being a leader you yourself would want to serve under while maintaining an effervescent attention to detail are key factors for any of our leaders' success, as well as the success of the company.

    Be resourceful & frugal

    Working with and make the best of what we have, as well as the opportunities that come our way, is a key idea that has permeated our culture since its conception. The idea of frugality is there so that everyone working within our system understands the expectation is to first look for ways to accomplish any task or need with what is available. Only when it becomes clear we’ve maximized all possibilities do we take that opportunity to thoughtfully seek the most efficient solution.

    Prioritize simplicity though innovation.

    Simplifying repetitive tasks and optimizing for productivity though creative and innovative solutions has always served us and our customers well. Seeking optimization and having a culture of understanding and Flexibility with an open mind to change has allowed us to move quickly and refine when needed.

    Look for Opportunities.

    We believe the best opportunities have a tendency to present themselves if you are open to them. Our job is to stewarded those opportunities with wisdom and spend time considering rather or not we should pursue them. When looking for or considering new opportunities, a good leader will always begin with the end in mind.