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We're thrilled to share Taylor Chip's Seasonal Cookies, each a festive treat capturing the essence of the holidays. Our lineup includes flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, Apple Pie, and Key Lime Pie. These cookies aren't just for snacking, they're perfect for gifting, too. Whether you're vegan or need gluten-free options, we have all your needs taken care of. Plus, our efficient delivery system guarantees that these goodies arrive fresh and fast, no matter where you are. Curious about which flavor might become your favorite? Stick with us to find out!


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You get exactly what you expect (and maybe more)

You hope after seeing hype about any product online and a story of going from rags to riches, that the end product and the company are that great. WELL yes, Taylor Chip came through with flying colors. Cookies showed up timely, delicious and shared with friends. So thank you Taylor Cookies for all you do and continued success to you all.

These cookies are so delicious 😋. Put a little heat to them, and they taste like they fresh out the oven.

Good but not all were good

The classic chocolate chip was wonderful. Seriously one of the best ones I’ve ever had. All the peanut butter based cookies I should have ordered in cold weather because of the amount of separation of the oil which I was warned about on the website made those cookies not all that enjoyable and messy. The salted caramel pretzel cookies really didn’t taste all that much like salted caramel and the pretzels became kind of soggy and stale in the whole process so not our favorites. The snickerdoodle cookies were not enjoyable and frankly tasted strangely metallic and being that those are some of my favorite types of cookies of all time we were quite disappointed in them. If I was to order cookies again I’d have to take in to account of what time of year it is( how hot it is outside) and I’d what I’d expect and like to try. I went into this knowing that these cookies would be more chewy and soft than crisp/crunchy. Even though I’m not giving a 5 star review I’d still try some other varieties of Taylor chip cookies.


Thick & yummy......

These are seriously good cookies. I ordered a 2nd batch & got a little more experience getting the microwave tweaked just right. Snickerdoodle was better than I thought it would be, but for me, the Brookie is the cookie. The main reason I went with 4 instead of 5 stars is that I have to face the fact that these things are expensive. And to me they would better serve in functions like wedding receptions, corporate parties, etc. vs. to an individual, but that's JMHO. And local cookies can scratch the itch for way less. But yeah, Taylor Chip Cookies, especially the Brookie, are scary good. 😋😋😋

These cookies were amazing!

Choose Your Own Cookies
Patrick O’Brien
Worth a buy

Cookies are very good , loved the lava cookie

arrived late and cookies were crushed

Great tasting cookies

Excellent quality & delicious!

Packaging needs some help

The cookies were high quality and very good, but the packaging should be better for what I paid. Not sure if it’s the shipping company’s handling but half the cookies were in pieces in their bag. If you want to display them as a cookie tray for an event, you’ll potentially be disappointed by the way the arrive.


I am so happy one of my orders said it was going to be delivered on 7/18 and the gift was going to arrive after they left for a trip. Today it shows that it will be arriving on 7/17 before they leave.

Choose Your Own Cookies
Melissa James Spinelli
Oh! My! Goodness!!!

I opened the box. I wasn’t prepared.
I saw the cookies. I wasn’t t prepared.
I at the cookie. I definitely wasn’t prepared!!!
These are THE best cookies I have ever had. And I bake!!! Huge flavor. Stuffed full of delicious goodness.
Do yourself a kindness and get some of the incredible cookies. (I think I may hang up my backing sheets!) 🌞


They were just ok

Choose Your Own Cookies
Frank Cavarretta
Love choosing my own cookies

excellent product and service, recommend to everyone

Choose Your Own Cookies
David Connelley

Cookies are good, they did seem to get smushed a bit during shipping

Investment in my snack pile

After my boyfriend saw an ad on Facebook and sent it to me, our sweet toothes (sweet teeth?) were screaming for these cookies. We went all in on an assortment of 12 cookies. It was hard to narrow down what we wanted because they all looked fantastic. We received our order so fast and immediately taste-tested half of the box. We even received a text message that they arrived! How thoughtful! Not a shred of disappointment in this purchase. We love supporting smaller businesses, especially those who take pride in their product. We will be ordering again!

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Kathy Pilarski

All the cookies are awesome taste you drooling for..

Choose Your Own Cookies
Christine McNeill


Wonderful cookies

I'm in CA and I gifted these to my Great Aunt & Uncle in NC. They said, "wonderful cookies, thanks so much". If they're happy, I'm happy! I also found it easy to track etc. which I appreciate


Great service, very tasty. Will definite order again, thanks


If I could only have one more cookie ever, I would make it a Taylor Chip cookie. I took a chance on this company after seeing their ad on Instagram. I love that they use better ingredients. I felt a little crazy spending so much money on cookies but they are HUGE and it took quite a while for my family of four to eat a dozen. I have already placed my fourth order.


They are already gone! That should tell you everything you need to know!!!

Choose Your Own Cookies
Susan Gudmundson

Great product! Will definitely order more.


I was disappointed in my cookies. Possibly - if I had been able to buy them fresh from a storefront, they would have been better… they were shipped without any type of dry ice or anything to keep them cool and with the record temperatures we have had I was disappointed as they were lesser quality than what I was expecting.

Everyone’s Favorite
Deborah McConnell

The order was a gift. They loved it they Heated Up the snores Cookie and the marshmallow melted a little so it was like a real snores.

  • Cookies Included

    We've packed the Taylor Chip Seasonal Cookies Category with a variety of delightful flavors to cater to every taste this holiday season. From the spicy kick of Pumpkin Spice to the invigorating zest of Key Lime Pie, we've included everything. Don't miss our cozy Apple Pie and festive Peppermint Mocha. These season-inspired treats are perfect for sharing or gifting!

    Explore the Taylor Chip Seasonal Cookies, where each cookie bursts with unique, festive flavors crafted to celebrate the essence of the holidays. We're thrilled to bring you a lineup that embodies the spirit of each season. From fall's pumpkin spice to winter's peppermint mocha, our cookies are sure to delight. 

    Cookie Details

    Let's explore the details of each cookie in the Taylor Chip Seasonal Cookies Category, highlighting their unique ingredients and flavors. Pumpkin Spice Cookies are infused with real pumpkin and a mix of autumn spices. Peppermint Mocha Cookies blend rich chocolate with a hint of mint. Gingersnaps offer a spicy snap, while Apple Pie Cookies taste like a slice of homemade pie. Each is a delight!

    Dietary Information

    While savoring these festive flavors, it's crucial to acknowledge the dietary considerations associated with each cookie. We're aware that our kitchens handle allergens like dairy, nuts, and gluten. However, we've got options for everyone! Whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free, we've made sure there's a cookie for you. Always check the labels to confirm they meet your dietary needs. Enjoy without worry!

    Shipping and Delivery

    We promise that your Taylor Chip Seasonal Cookies arrive fresh and fast, no matter where you're located. Our efficient delivery system guarantees you'll enjoy your favorite flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie swiftly. We're here to make sure that distance doesn't prevent you from indulging in the season's best. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

    Gifting and Corporate Options

    After ensuring your Taylor Chip Seasonal Cookies are delivered fresh and promptly, consider our gifting and corporate options to share these delightful treats with colleagues and loved ones. Whether it's a thank-you to your team or a sweet surprise for a client, we have everything you need. Let's make every occasion special with a box of our handcrafted cookies. Perfect for any festive celebration!

    Packaging and Shipping

    Taylor Chip's packaging promises that each seasonal cookie arrives in perfect condition, no matter the destination. We've designed eco-friendly, sturdy boxes that guarantee freshness and prevent damage during transit. Whether you're in sunny California or snowy Maine, rest assured. Plus, our festive designs add a touch of holiday cheer, making each delivery a truly special experience.

    We're excited for you to try our Seasonal Cookies Collection, tailored to make your holidays extra special. Each cookie, from Pumpkin Spice to Peppermint Mocha, is crafted with love to deliver joy and a taste of the season right to your doorstep. Don't forget, they make great gifts too! So, gather around, share the warmth, and let our cookies be a part of your cherished holiday moments. Here's to a sweet, memorable season with Taylor Chip.