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At Taylor Chip, cookie cakes offer a unique twist on the classic dessert, combining soft, chewy cookies with the indulgence of cake, sparking a new trend in the world of sweets. But what sets these cookie cakes apart from the rest? Well, let's just say there's more than meets the eye when it comes to these delectable treats. The secret lies in the ingredients, the baking process, and the way they are served. We pride ourselves in having perfect-tasting cookie cakes with a simple, heart-felt, personalized, message written on them.


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You get exactly what you expect (and maybe more)

You hope after seeing hype about any product online and a story of going from rags to riches, that the end product and the company are that great. WELL yes, Taylor Chip came through with flying colors. Cookies showed up timely, delicious and shared with friends. So thank you Taylor Cookies for all you do and continued success to you all.

These cookies are so delicious 😋. Put a little heat to them, and they taste like they fresh out the oven.

Good but not all were good

The classic chocolate chip was wonderful. Seriously one of the best ones I’ve ever had. All the peanut butter based cookies I should have ordered in cold weather because of the amount of separation of the oil which I was warned about on the website made those cookies not all that enjoyable and messy. The salted caramel pretzel cookies really didn’t taste all that much like salted caramel and the pretzels became kind of soggy and stale in the whole process so not our favorites. The snickerdoodle cookies were not enjoyable and frankly tasted strangely metallic and being that those are some of my favorite types of cookies of all time we were quite disappointed in them. If I was to order cookies again I’d have to take in to account of what time of year it is( how hot it is outside) and I’d what I’d expect and like to try. I went into this knowing that these cookies would be more chewy and soft than crisp/crunchy. Even though I’m not giving a 5 star review I’d still try some other varieties of Taylor chip cookies.


Thick & yummy......

These are seriously good cookies. I ordered a 2nd batch & got a little more experience getting the microwave tweaked just right. Snickerdoodle was better than I thought it would be, but for me, the Brookie is the cookie. The main reason I went with 4 instead of 5 stars is that I have to face the fact that these things are expensive. And to me they would better serve in functions like wedding receptions, corporate parties, etc. vs. to an individual, but that's JMHO. And local cookies can scratch the itch for way less. But yeah, Taylor Chip Cookies, especially the Brookie, are scary good. 😋😋😋

These cookies were amazing!

Choose Your Own Cookies
Patrick O’Brien
Worth a buy

Cookies are very good , loved the lava cookie

arrived late and cookies were crushed

Great tasting cookies

Excellent quality & delicious!

Packaging needs some help

The cookies were high quality and very good, but the packaging should be better for what I paid. Not sure if it’s the shipping company’s handling but half the cookies were in pieces in their bag. If you want to display them as a cookie tray for an event, you’ll potentially be disappointed by the way the arrive.


I am so happy one of my orders said it was going to be delivered on 7/18 and the gift was going to arrive after they left for a trip. Today it shows that it will be arriving on 7/17 before they leave.

Choose Your Own Cookies
Melissa James Spinelli
Oh! My! Goodness!!!

I opened the box. I wasn’t prepared.
I saw the cookies. I wasn’t t prepared.
I at the cookie. I definitely wasn’t prepared!!!
These are THE best cookies I have ever had. And I bake!!! Huge flavor. Stuffed full of delicious goodness.
Do yourself a kindness and get some of the incredible cookies. (I think I may hang up my backing sheets!) 🌞


They were just ok

Choose Your Own Cookies
Frank Cavarretta
Love choosing my own cookies

excellent product and service, recommend to everyone

Choose Your Own Cookies
David Connelley

Cookies are good, they did seem to get smushed a bit during shipping

Investment in my snack pile

After my boyfriend saw an ad on Facebook and sent it to me, our sweet toothes (sweet teeth?) were screaming for these cookies. We went all in on an assortment of 12 cookies. It was hard to narrow down what we wanted because they all looked fantastic. We received our order so fast and immediately taste-tested half of the box. We even received a text message that they arrived! How thoughtful! Not a shred of disappointment in this purchase. We love supporting smaller businesses, especially those who take pride in their product. We will be ordering again!

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Kathy Pilarski

All the cookies are awesome taste you drooling for..

Choose Your Own Cookies
Christine McNeill


Wonderful cookies

I'm in CA and I gifted these to my Great Aunt & Uncle in NC. They said, "wonderful cookies, thanks so much". If they're happy, I'm happy! I also found it easy to track etc. which I appreciate


Great service, very tasty. Will definite order again, thanks


If I could only have one more cookie ever, I would make it a Taylor Chip cookie. I took a chance on this company after seeing their ad on Instagram. I love that they use better ingredients. I felt a little crazy spending so much money on cookies but they are HUGE and it took quite a while for my family of four to eat a dozen. I have already placed my fourth order.


They are already gone! That should tell you everything you need to know!!!

Choose Your Own Cookies
Susan Gudmundson

Great product! Will definitely order more.


I was disappointed in my cookies. Possibly - if I had been able to buy them fresh from a storefront, they would have been better… they were shipped without any type of dry ice or anything to keep them cool and with the record temperatures we have had I was disappointed as they were lesser quality than what I was expecting.

Everyone’s Favorite
Deborah McConnell

The order was a gift. They loved it they Heated Up the snores Cookie and the marshmallow melted a little so it was like a real snores.

  • Popularity and Versatility as a Dessert

    Our Cookie Cakes are a versatile and popular dessert choice for various occasions. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a casual get-together, or simply a sweet treat to indulge in, these cookie cakes never fail to deliver. The chocolate chip cookie cake, in particular, is a fan favorite with its perfect balance of chewiness and chocolatey goodness. Our homemade cookie cake recipe guarantees that each bite is filled with the nostalgia of freshly baked cookies.

    One of the best things about Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes is the option for a double-layer cookie cake, making it an impressive centerpiece for any gathering. The addition of chocolate cookie cake frosting takes it to the next level, adding a layer of decadence to the already delicious treat. For those who can't get enough cookie dough, our edible cookie dough recipes make indulging in raw cookie dough safe and enjoyable. From giant cookies to sugar cookie cakes, the versatility of Taylor creations knows no bounds. These cookie cakes truly cater to every sweet tooth out there.

    Types of Cookie Cakes

    Let's talk about the scrumptious world of cookie cakes! From classic flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter to creatively designed ones perfect for holidays and birthdays, there's a cookie cake for every occasion. And don't forget about the specialty options like gluten-free or vegan cookie cakes, catering to a variety of dietary preferences. Let's explore the delicious diversity that cookie cakes have to offer!

    Traditional Cookie Cakes (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, etc.)

    Traditional cookie cakes like chocolate chip and peanut butter are beloved classics that never fail to satisfy sweet cravings. When making a chocolate chip cookie cake, start by creaming together unsalted butter and granulated sugar until fluffy. Add in vanilla extract, baking soda, and gradually mix in the all-purpose flour to form a delicious cookie dough. Fold in chocolate chips for that perfect touch of sweetness. Once the dough is ready, press it into a round cake shape on parchment paper and bake until golden brown.

    Peanut butter cookie cakes are equally delightful. Cream together peanut butter, butter, and sugars until smooth. Mix in an egg and vanilla extract, then add flour and baking soda. Fold in some peanut butter chips for extra flavor. Shape the dough into a cake on parchment paper and bake until the edges are beautifully golden. These traditional favorites are sure to bring smiles to anyone who tastes them!

    Themed and Decorative Cookie Cakes (Holidays, Birthdays, etc.)

    Themed and decorative cookie cakes add a festive touch to any celebration, offering a fun and personalized treat for special occasions. Whether it's a holiday gathering or a birthday bash, these customized creations are sure to impress both kids and adults alike. From vibrant decorations to intricate designs, themed cookie cakes can elevate the mood of any event with their delicious appeal.

    For holidays like Christmas or Halloween, imagine a chocolate chip cookie cake decked out with colorful icing and festive sprinkles, bringing joy to the table. Birthdays become extra special with decorated cookie cakes featuring the celebrant's name or favorite characters, making the day truly memorable.

    The beauty of these cookie cakes lies not only in their visual appeal but also in the joy they bring to gatherings. They serve as both a tasty treat and a centerpiece, adding a touch of sweetness to celebrations. So, next time you're planning a special occasion, consider a themed cookie cake to delight your guests and create lasting memories.

    Specialty Cookie Cakes (Gluten-Free, Vegan, etc.)

    Specialty cookie cakes cater to various dietary preferences, such as gluten-free and vegan options, offering delicious alternatives for those with specific dietary needs. At Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes, we take pride in creating custom cookie cakes that cater to alternative diets, ensuring that everyone can indulge in our sweet treats. Our gluten-free cookie cakes are made with organic ingredients, providing a delectable option for those with gluten sensitivities. For our vegan customers, we offer dairy-free and egg-free cookie cakes that are just as scrumptious as our traditional offerings. Additionally, our nut-free cookie cakes are perfect for those with nut allergies, making our creations allergen-friendly for all to enjoy. Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply prefer alternative diets, our specialty cookie cakes are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that flavor and quality are never compromised. Indulge in a guilt-free treat with our specialty cookie cakes, where dietary needs meet deliciousness!

    Ingredients and Preparation

    Let's chat about the heart and soul of Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes - the ingredients and preparation! We'll be exploring the common ingredients that give these treats their deliciousness, the baking techniques and methods that guarantee a perfect bake every time, and the fun ways you can decorate and personalize your cookie cakes. So grab a mixing bowl and let's whip up some scrumptious cookie cake magic together!

    Common Ingredients Used in Cookie Cake Recipes

    In creating delicious cookie cakes, we commonly use a blend of familiar ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla extract. To enhance the flavor and texture, we also incorporate brown sugar for a hint of molasses richness, unsweetened cocoa powder or dutch cocoa powder for that deep chocolatey taste, and a mix of semi-sweet and white chocolate chips for a delightful burst of sweetness in every bite. For a creamy and decadent finish, we whip up a velvety vanilla buttercream using heavy cream and more vanilla extract to spread over the top.

    The all-purpose flour serves as the base, binding all these delicious elements together in perfect harmony. The combination of these ingredients creates a cookie cake that is rich, moist, and utterly irresistible. So, the next time you're craving a treat that's a little extra special, gather these staple ingredients and whip up a batch of our mouthwatering cookie cakes!

    Baking Techniques and Methods

    We combine the carefully measured ingredients to create a smooth and well-mixed cookie cake batter. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, we start by creaming together softened butter and powdered sugar until light and fluffy. Next, we add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract for that lovely flavor boost. In a separate bowl, we whisk together the dry ingredients: all-purpose flour and baking soda. Slowly incorporating the dry mixture into the wet ingredients, we mix everything at medium speed using an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. The key here is to blend everything just until combined, being careful not to overmix the batter.

    Once the cookie cake batter is ready, we grease a cake pan with baking spray and pour the batter into it, using a rubber spatula to spread it evenly. Preheat the oven, pop the pan in, and let the magic happen. With these simple baking techniques, your cookie cake will bake to perfection, ready to be decorated and personalized to your heart's desire.

    Decorating and Personalizing Cookie Cakes

    To enhance the visual appeal and individual touch of your Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes, consider exploring various decorating and personalization techniques using a range of enticing ingredients. When it comes to decorating your classic chocolate chip cookie cake, the options are endless! Whether you're using our signature cookie cake recipe or adding your favorite cookie flavor twist, frosting and icing colors can take your creation to the next level. For those who love a pop of color, rainbow sprinkles are a fun and vibrant addition to any cookie cake design. Cookie artisans looking to impress can experiment with intricate frosting patterns or even personalized messages for cookie gifts. Giant cookie cakes offer a canvas for your creativity, allowing for elaborate decorations that showcase your unique style. So, grab your piping bags, sprinkle some magic, and let your inner cookie artist shine with these delightful and delicious decorating ideas for your Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes!

    Occasions for Cookie Cakes

    Cookie cakes are perfect for a range of occasions, from birthdays and celebrations to holidays and seasonal events, even corporate and professional gatherings. These versatile treats offer a delicious twist on traditional cakes, making them a hit with guests of all ages. So whether you're planning a festive party or a formal event, consider adding a Taylor Chip Cookie Cake to your menu for a sweet and memorable touch!

    Birthdays and Celebrations

    For birthdays and special celebrations, Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes are a delicious and unique treat that always bring joy to the occasion. These giant gourmet delights are a perfect way to celebrate with friends and family. Here are four reasons why Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes are the ultimate choice for birthdays and celebrations:

    1. Homemade Goodness: Our cookie cakes are made with love and care, just like homemade treats. They have that special touch that makes every bite feel like a warm hug.

    2. Chocolate Chip Heaven: Who can resist the decadent taste of chocolate chips baked into a soft and chewy cookie cake? It's a classic flavor that never fails to please.

    3. Frosting Fun: Our cookie cakes come with a generous layer of sweet frosting on top, adding an extra element of deliciousness. It's the icing on the cake, quite literally!

    4. Memorable and Unique: Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes are not your average dessert. They stand out as a giant, gourmet treat that will leave a lasting impression on everyone at your celebration.

    Holidays and Seasonal Events

    As we approach various holidays and seasonal events throughout the year, Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes become a delightful and festive addition to any celebration. Whether it's a cozy winter gathering, a vibrant spring party, a sunny summer picnic, or a colorful fall festival, our chocolate chip cookie cake recipe is sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces. From store-bought cookie cakes to giant gourmet cookie cakes, we offer a variety of options to cater to every holiday event.

    Our festive cookie cakes come in a range of flavors, from classic chocolate chip to decadent red velvet. The cookie cake delivery service guarantees that you can enjoy our treats hassle-free during busy holiday times. To add an extra touch of cheer, our cookie cakes can be customized with frosting, sprinkle decorations, and more. For those who prefer a personal touch, we also offer homemade cookie cakes that are made with love and care.

    No matter the holiday, our cookie cakes are the perfect way to sweeten up your festivities and create lasting memories with friends and family.

    Corporate and Professional Events

    Enhancing the ambiance of corporate and professional events, our delectable chip cookie cakes provide a touch of sweetness and sophistication to any gathering. Whether it's a business luncheon, a conference, or a networking event, our gourmet cookie cakes are sure to impress even the most discerning cookie lovers. Here are four reasons why our delicious cookie cake delivery service is perfect for corporate and professional events:

    1. Guaranteed Cookie Cake Delivery: Our seamless delivery process guarantees that your homemade chocolate chip cookie cake arrives fresh and ready to delight your guests.

    2. Customizable Border Colors: Personalize your cookie cake to match your company's branding or your favorite border color for a professional touch that will leave a lasting impression.

    3. Perfect for Chocolate Chip Lovers: With generous amounts of chocolate chips in every bite, our cookie cakes are a dream come true for chocolate chip enthusiasts at your event.

    4. Addressing Cookie Questions: Our team is always ready to help with any cookie-related queries, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from ordering to serving.

    Homemade vs. Store-Bought

    When it comes to choosing between homemade and store-bought cookie cakes, we've got some points to ponder. The pros and cons of whipping up a batch at home versus grabbing one from the store can make a big difference. Let's chat about the best route for your next cookie cake adventure!

    Pros and Cons of Homemade Cookie Cakes

    We find that crafting homemade cookie cakes offers a unique touch that store-bought options often lack. Here are some reasons why we believe homemade cookie cakes have their perks:

    1. Customization: When baking at home, you have the freedom to tailor the cookie cake to your preferences, from the type of chocolate chips used to the level of sweetness.

    2. Freshness: Nothing beats the aroma and taste of a freshly baked cookie cake straight out of the oven, something that may be lacking in store-bought versions.

    3. Control over Ingredients: Making your own cookie cake allows you to control the quality of ingredients used, ensuring a healthier treat if desired.

    4. Satisfaction of Creation: There's a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from baking your own delicious chip cookie cake recipe, which you can't get from simply buying one off the shelf.

    Considerations for Store-Bought or Bakery-Made Options

    Considering the convenience and time-saving factors of store-bought or bakery-made options, it's important to weigh the benefits against the personalized touch of homemade cookie cakes. While store-bought or bakery-made cookie cakes offer quick solutions for last-minute gatherings or busy days, they may lack the unique flavors and customizations that homemade creations provide. Store-bought options often come in standard flavors like chocolate chip, limiting the variety compared to the endless cookie flavors you can experiment with when baking at home.

    When it comes to frosting and cookie dough quality, homemade cookie cakes usually take the lead, allowing you to control the ingredients and tailor them to your preferences. However, store-bought or bakery-made options can be a lifesaver when you're short on time or prefer the convenience of ready-made treats. Additionally, if you're looking for cookie delivery services or beautifully decorated cookie bars, bakeries might offer a more polished finish compared to homemade attempts. Ultimately, the decision between store-bought, bakery-made, or homemade cookie cakes depends on your priorities: time-saving convenience or the satisfaction of creating a personalized treat from scratch.

    Serving and Presentation

    Let's chat about how to serve and present these delectable Cookie Cakes. First up, we'll cover cutting and portioning these treats for the perfect serving size. Then, we'll get into the fun part - plating and displaying our Cookie Cakes in a way that truly showcases their deliciousness. And of course, we can't forget about the extra pizzazz with accompaniments and toppings to take these desserts to the next level!

    Cutting and Portioning Cookie Cakes

    When cutting and portioning Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes, it is critical to maintain consistent slices for the best serving and presentation. Here are some tips to guarantee your cookie cake looks as good as it tastes:

    1. Chill Before Slicing: Pop your giant cookie cake in the fridge for a bit to firm up the cookie dough. This makes cutting cleaner slices easier.

    2. Use a Sharp Knife: A sharp knife is your best friend when slicing through those chocolate chips and cookie goodness. It helps create neat edges and prevents crumbling.

    3. Wrap in Plastic: To keep your single-layer cookie cake fresh after cutting, wrap the leftovers tightly in plastic wrap. This helps retain moisture and flavor.

    4. Mind Your Portions: When portioning, aim for uniform slices. Whether you're serving at a party or indulging at home, consistent sizes make for a more appealing presentation.

    Plating and Displaying Cookie Cakes

    For an enticing presentation, arrange Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes on a decorative platter or cake stand. Whether it's a giant monster cookie or a classic chocolate chip fan favorite, the key is to showcase these delicious cookie cakes in a way that makes mouths water at first sight. Once the cookie cake batter is baked to perfection and cooled, it's time to get creative with frosting. Spread your favorite chocolate buttercream generously, creating a luscious topping that complements the cookie's flavors.

    When it comes to plating and displaying, think about the occasion. Is it a birthday celebration? Try decorating with colorful sprinkles or candles. For a more elegant affair, consider a flag cookie cake design with a patriotic touch. The goal is to make each cookie cake not only taste amazing but also look irresistible. By taking a moment to plate and display your cookie cakes thoughtfully, you'll elevate the entire experience for your guests.

    Accompaniments and Toppings

    To enhance the overall presentation and appeal of Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes, consider incorporating a variety of delectable accompaniments and toppings that complement the flavors of the cookie cakes. Here are some fun ideas to make your cookie cakes even more delightful:

    1. Cake with Frosting: Try spreading a layer of rich buttercream onto the cookie cake for a decadent twist.
    2. Sugar Mixture: Sprinkle a sweet sugar mixture over the top of the cookie cake for an added crunch and sweetness.
    3. Chocolate Chips: Scatter some extra chocolate chips on top of the double chocolate cookie cake for a burst of chocolatey goodness.
    4. Jimmies Sprinkles: Decorate with jimmies sprinkles in your favorite colors to add a pop of fun and vibrancy to the cookie cakes.

    Experimenting with individual cookie dough balls, a Dutch cocoa option, a hint of almond extract, or any other creative touch can elevate the flavors and aesthetics of Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes for a truly delightful treat.

    Storage and Shelf Life

    Let's chat about how to keep those Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes at their absolute best! From proper storage techniques to the recommended shelf life for ultimate freshness, we're here to help. It's all about making sure every bite is as delicious as the first one, so stick with us for some handy tips!

    Proper Storage Techniques

    Properly storing Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes is vital to maintain their freshness and quality over time. Here are some tips to guarantee your delicious treats stay perfect:

    1. Chill It Right: If you have leftover cookie cake, make sure to store it in the refrigerator. This will help keep it fresh for longer.

    2. Cover It Up: Whether you have a single-layer or a half-sheet cookie cake, always cover it tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil before putting it in the fridge. This will prevent it from drying out.

    3. Avoid the Freezer: While freezing fresh-baked cookie cakes might seem like a good idea, it can actually alter their texture and affect their amazing flavor. Stick to chilling in the fridge instead.

    4. Keep It Away from Odors: Store your Taylor Chip Cookie Cake away from strong-smelling foods in the fridge. This will ensure that it retains its delicious taste without picking up any unwanted flavors.

    Recommended Shelf Life for Freshness

    When determining the recommended shelf life for freshness of Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes, consider the following factors. Our indulgent cookie cakes are crafted to deliver a delightful experience in every bite. To maintain their scrumptious taste, proper storage is key. For peak freshness, store your cookie cake in an airtight container at room temperature. This helps preserve its soft texture and rich flavor.

    The recommended shelf life for our cookie cakes is about 3-5 days. Within this timeframe, you'll enjoy the best freshness of our delectable treats. If you plan on savoring your cookie cake beyond this period, we suggest freezing it. When stored in the freezer, our cookie cakes can last up to 3 months without compromising their taste.

    Whether in its original form or after delivery, following these storage recommendations ensures that your Taylor Chip Cookie Cake remains a delightful treat for an extended period. So go ahead, indulge in our delicious creations without worrying about losing that fresh-baked goodness!


    To sum up, Taylor Chip Cookie Cakes are a versatile and delicious dessert option for any occasion. Whether you prefer traditional flavors or have dietary restrictions, there's a cookie cake for everyone to enjoy. From the ingredients and preparation to serving and storage tips, these cookie cakes are a delightful treat that will impress your guests and leave them wanting more. So next time you're in need of a sweet treat, consider indulging in a Taylor Chip Cooki